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Pressurized Bead Filter – 3600 gallon maximum - Enterprise Aquatics

Pressurized Bead Filter – 3600 gallon maximum

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These filter systems are professional quality and use Ultima Tube media for excellent biofiltration and mechanical filtration. The addition of the blower allows for a more aggressive backwash and cleaning of the solids material with less water loss during backwash to remove the solid waste. For aquaponics, this is excellent material to use for a decoupled system and can be transferred directly to a waste clarifier for mineralization. PBF and SMF systems. Consider adding a UV filter for additional clarity and fish health (removes 99% of pathogens), or a cartridge filter for removal of small particulates and additional water clarity.

Pressured Bead Filter Instructions

  • Strong, heavy duty, polyethylene filter body
  • Pre-assembled for easy “out-of-the-box” installation
  • Easy back flush – uses six position control head
  • Includes Ultimate Tube Media
  • Minimal back pressure – high flow rate media creates very little back pressure
  • Back flush waste line has clear section to easily monitor cleaning cycle
  • 1 1/2″ inlet/outlet lines with unions included