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Hydroponics Raft System 1 - Enterprise Aquatics

Hydroponics Raft System 1

The Hydroponics Raft System (HPR1) has the following specs: 
  • 8 ft x 24 ft circulated DWC with 672 planting sites.
  • Beaver Plastic planting rafts. 28 sites per raft.
  • Nutrient distribution tank and 20,000 liter per minute water circulation pump.
  • DWC- food grade liner with galvanized sidewall construction. 4 ft spacing on sidewall supports with 8 ft span light support bars.
  • 60 lpm combined aeration for fish, clarifiers and DWC.
  • Capacity: 5,500 heads of lettuce per year.
  • 250 square feet.

The HPR1 provides vegetable production without the fish culture. This system uses commercially available hydroponic nutrients to grow your vegetables. Raft Systems are ideal for growing leafy green vegetables and herbs.

- Systems include hardware only. Consumables and supplies for operation sold separately