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Hydroponics Bucket System 1 - Enterprise Aquatics

Hydroponics Bucket System 1

The Hydroponics Bucket System (HPB1) has the following specs: 
  • 24 ft circulated Deep Water Culture Buckets.
  • 60 lpm combined aeration for nutrient tank and DWC buckets.
  • 150 gallon nutrient storage tank.
  • (24) 5-gallon culture buckets with in/out port and 8” mesh pot, airline, and airstone. Lightweight culture media included.
  • Capacity: supports continual robust production of 24 high-nutrient-demand/fruiting plants.
  • Approximately 200 square feet.

The HPB1 provide vegetable production without the fish culture. This system uses commercially available hydroponic nutrients to grow your vegetables. Bucket Systems are ideal for growing higher nutrient demand, fruiting vegetables.

- Systems include hardware only. Consumables and supplies for operation sold separately