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ETAQ - Synergy PX

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The ETAQ Synergy PX is a special blend is designed to: 

  • Bind problem causin phosphate 
  • Aid in reducing toxic ammonia
  • Provide a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate (ALUM)
  • Buffer pH level 
  • Provide minor flocculation (settling) of mud and clay particles

Dosage Rates 
Synergy PX can be used all season long. Best if mixed with pond water to make a slurry, then spread around pond edge. Can be applied up to 2x recommended rates. Multiple treatments per week can be used for murky water. Best results if used with ETAQ Synergy BAC

Large Pond Applications
Apply 3 to 5 pounds of product per acre-foot of water. 

Product can be slowly applied behind a prop driven boat. this helps mix product into pond. Best if used when water temperatures are above 50 degrees F. 

CAUTIONS: Avoid dust inhalation. Wash hands with soap and water after use.
Do not apply to water used for human consumption.