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ETAQ - Aqua Scrub Cleaner - Enterprise Aquatics

ETAQ - Aqua Scrub Cleaner

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Aqua Scrub is a fast acting oxygen-based cleaner for equipment in aquaculture and hydroponics. Use for general cleaning of equipment removing: aquatics film/slime growth, debris, and organic solids. Effective, powerful cleaner for tanks, pumps, tubing, air diffusers, grow trays, buckets, and culture rafts. 

  • Quickly cleans surfaces and can reduce scrubbing 
  • Great for use with fish, plants and wildlife
  • Lifts debris to surface where it can be removed
  • One ounce scoop included

    Dosage Rates:
    Application (spot treating): Apply a light layer of powder to problem areas, such as corners/edges of culture trays or just at water level where film can build. 

    Application (heavy dose): Apply 3-4 oz. per 1000 gallons of culture water, every 2-4 weeks, or as needed and use to remove accumulated film and debris.