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Away With Geese - Industrial Unit - Enterprise Aquatics

Away With Geese - Industrial Unit


The Industrial Unit is recommended for use in public areas such as athletic fields, industrial areas, and parks, where theft of the unit is a concern. It builds on the success of the Residential Unit with the added security of a steel auger that twists into the ground to avert theft. It is completely worry free—no theft and no geese. The cylindrical base is comprised of ¼ inch thick ABS black plastic that will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced. The light is secured upon a sturdy ¼ inch thick galvanized steel auger which is twisted into the ground. Installation of the Industrial Unit is simple and quick, just like the Residential Unit. However, once installed, removing it is much more challenging. The product will provide continuous service year-round. The materials that we use in the construction of the product will hold up well against ice and snow, so you can keep the product outside in your yard year-round. The light automatically recharges itself in sunlight and will keep its charge for up to 6 days without sunlight.