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AST - High Flow Propeller Washed Bead Filter (PBF10S) - Enterprise Aquatics
AST - High Flow Propeller Washed Bead Filter (PBF10S) - Enterprise Aquatics

AST - High Flow Propeller Washed Bead Filter (PBF10S)


AST has both standard flow and high flow (pressurized) Propeller Bead filters. High flow filters can process flow rates of up to 1200 gpm, making them perfect for large systems that need frequent turnover. The motorized embedded propeller is used for frequent washing of the media, removing captured solids and excess media biofloc. The sludge then settles to the bottom of the unit where it is drained, reducing water loss that is normally associated with backwash processes. With Propeller Bead filters, you will only lose 10% of the water you that you would normally lose with run-of-the-mill sand filters.

  • Media Volume: 10 cubic Ft.
  • Bead Retention Screen Diameter: 24 in.
  • Surface Area: 4000 sq. Ft
  • Max Flow Rate: 200 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 20 psi
  • Backwash Water Loss: 10-30 Gallons
  • Height/Diameter: 87/40 in.
  • Ship Weight: 775 lbs
  • Motorized backwashing process handles low to high solids loading
  • Suitable for high flow rates
  • Perfect for high volume systems that require frequent turnover
  • Far less water loss than sand filtration systems
  • Technology that has been tested and proven for over 20 years
  • Energy savings from smaller pumps and more efficient designs
  • Long-lasting: Media is very resistant to clogging and caking
  • Superior filtration removes large and small solids
Call (225) 308-4145 for professional project pricing-there are several options and variations to customize this filter to your project and help make it perform to your specifications and meet your project goals. Please contact us and let us assist you with professional consulting to ensure your project is a success and give you the appropriate pricing.