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Aquaponics Hybrid Coupled Raft 1 - Enterprise Aquatics

Aquaponics Hybrid Coupled Raft 1

The Aquaponics Hybrid Coupled Raft 1 (APHCR1) has the following specs: 
  • 8 ft x 24 ft circulated Deep Water Culture with 672 planting sites.
  • Beaver Plastic planting rafts. 28 sites per raft.
  • 2 cubic ft bead filter. Sludge waste sump & dual 35 gal cone bottom clarifier tanks with stands. Pump assisted backwash.
  • Dual fish culture tanks 210 gal each. 160 gal sump.
  • Deep Water Culture - food grade liner with galvanized sidewall construction. 4 ft spacing on sidewall supports with 8 ft span light support bars.
  • 200 liters per minute (lpm) combined aeration for fish, clarifiers and DWC. 60 lpm back up aeration.
  • Capacity: 450 pounds of fish production* and 5,500 heads of lettuce per year**.
  • *1/6 lb per gallon and feed at 2% of bodyweight per day**, 42 days to harvest.
  • Approximately 800 square feet.

The APHCR1 sends filtered fish culture water directly to the lettuce raft deep water culture beds. It also is mineralizing and clarifying fish waste to dose back increased nutrient levels into the system, in order to support an abundant production of leafy green vegetables.

- Systems include hardware only. Consumables and supplies for operation sold separately