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Aquaponics Decoupled Bucket 1 - Enterprise Aquatics

Aquaponics Decoupled Bucket 1

The Aquaponics Decoupled Bucket 1 (APDCB1) has the following specs: 
  • 18 ft circulated Deep Water Culture Buckets.
  • 2 cubic ft bead filter. Sludge waste sump & dual 35 gal cone bottom clarifier tanks with stands. Pump assisted backwash.
  • Dual fish culture tanks 210 gal each. 160 gal sump.
  • 150 gallon nutrient storage tank. 
  • (18) 5-gallon culture buckets with in/out port and 8” mesh pot, airline, and airstone. Lightweight culture media included.
  • Capacity: 450 pounds of fish production*. Supports continual robust production of 18 high-nutrient-demand/fruiting plants**.
  • *1/6 lb per gallon and feed at 2% of bodyweight per day**.
  • Approximately 800 square feet.

The APDCB1 allows for development of higher nutrient levels & pH adjustments of the nutrient solution, which is delivered to each plant for robust growth and production of high-demand crops and fruiting vegetables.

- Systems include hardware only. Consumables and supplies for operation sold separately