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Aquaponics Accessories & How They Are Used in a System 

Grow Lighting

Whether you are growing in a complete indoor situation, or planning on growing vegetables out of season by extending the daylength necessary for your crop, you are going to need supplemental lighting. You will need the right type of lighting for your crop and goals, and we can help you select the right lighting for your project! LED, LEC, high pressure sodium and fluorescent are all options, and whether you need one or a professional layout for 500, we are glad to help with the process. Selecting the correct type is important with respect to power consumption, heat, production, upfront investment as well as total cost of ownership, and spectrum needed for your crop. 

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We have a wide selection of pumps available. You want to select a pump based on volume, efficiency, debris handling, pressure, and of course dependability. We have submersible pumps as well as on-shore pumps, in both direct drive and magnetic drive. These are all selected for dependability and efficiency based on the right pump for the right job. Need to handle solids for nutrient processing? We have solids handling pumps! Need an efficient pump to operate a filter or transfer water? We have great mag drive pumps! Need a high pressure pump to a tall head tank or over a long distance? Need a small pump to help aerate with a venturi? We have that as well!

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Biofilters are the heart of an aquaponics system. They are responsible for keeping fish healthy by removing solids and fish waste and transforming ammonia from fish waste into nitrate which is available for plants to utilize. We have a variety of filters, and selecting the correct one based on your fish load and fish feeding rate is key to smooth operation. These filters can also concentrate fish solids wasted and transfer it for further processing and breakdown for use in a decoupled or hybrid coupled system.

Ultraviolet filters are also a useful tool for clarifying water by removing algae, and tannins. They are also useful for increasing and protecting fish health. Properly sized (volume and flow), a UV filter can remove 99.99% of bacteria, virus, protozoa, algae, and fungus as it passes through the filter. This reduces pathogens that would otherwise present an opportunity for fish disease. *This does not affect the fixed bacteria in your biofilter.

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We are experts at aeration and system design. Aeration is the process of increasing the gas exchange between water and the atmosphere, letting the water breathe. The most desirable effect is an increase in oxygen. This is most often accomplished with an air compressor or blower, delivery pipe and a diffuser to break up the air under water into small bubbles. The bubbles do two things: exchange gases at the surface area between the air bubble and water, and mix the water to accomplish the gas exchange at the surface of the water as it rolls in contact with the water surface. Why do you need gas exchange and increased oxygen? Everything benefits from removal of the gas byproducts that are created in an organic based system (aquaponics, aquaculture), and all system components benefit from increased oxygen in the system: plants, fish, and biofilter bacteria. These systems can also benefit from super-oxygenation which can be formed with oxygen diffusion into a system with a superfine diffuser, or electrolysis. We offer these products as well.

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DIY Plumbing Kits

After decades of searching plumbing parts stores for just the right “hard to find” part that is vital to starting a system, Enterprise Aquatics has developed the DIY Kit 1” and 2”. These parts are a result of a culmination of those frustrating trips to the store and will provide a sense of relief for the new DIY aquaponic farmer. 

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Enterprise Aquatics Digesters are self-contained aquaculture waste mineralization systems that receive aqueous waste from aquaculture production systems and convert them to nutrient rich fertilizers for hydroponic plant production. The digestion process utilizes beneficial bacteria to break down solids and release both macro and micro nutrients into the water column. Turn any hydroponic system into a living aquaponic system by combining an expertly paired digester and RAS System. There is no better fertilizer for your hydroponic or soil-based garden than a live fertilizer. Contact Enterprise Aquatics for more information on consulting and custom design. 

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