Welcome all shoppers from Louisiana Pond Management & Small Scale Aquaponics!

Meet the team that keeps the gears turning

Ken Rust

Kenneth Rust is the founder and owner of Enterprise Aquatics llc. He received his M.S. in Fisheries & Aquaculture from Louisiana State University. Ken has well over 20 years of experience in pond management, aquatic plant culture & management, water features, filtration, and fisheries enhancement. He has provided talks at conferences, meetings and organizations, ranging in a variety of subjects that include: Pond, Lakes & Real Estate; Pond Management Dynamics; Aquaponic Food Production, and others.

Robert Arms

Rob is the field manager (and pirate) for Louisiana Pond Management. He has been with the company since May of 2016 and has been a huge part of our growth! Robert also graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Fisheries, and happens to have expert knowledge in reptiles.

Diane Meloche

Diane is our project and office manager. She is a pivotal member of our team, handling the enviable task of sending invoices and estimates. Diane has been with the company since April 2018. She received a bachelor's degree in Natural Resources Ecology & Management from Louisiana State University.

Paul Begue

Paul is the newest team member at Enterprise Aquatics coming onboard Spring 2021. Paul has a Masters degree in Zoology from North Carolina State University where he focused on Recirculating Aquaculture and De-Coupled Aquaponics Systems. Paul has over 10 years experience in RAS and Aquaponics System design and implementation. He worked with Aquaculture Systems Technologies as the Aquaculture Sales Manager from 2016-2020 and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the National Aquaculture Suppliers Association. He can be reached at Paul@enterpriseaquatics.com.

Brandon Hernandez

Brandon had an internship with the company in the past and was excited to join us full-time after graduating from LSU! The experience that Brandon gained from his internship enabled him to hit the ground running, and we're glad to have him as part of the team. His love for the outdoors has already helped keep him sane during the Louisiana summer heat!

Chris Craft

Chris worked part-time with us, but has proven more than capable and we were excited to bring him on as a full-time team member! He has a strong background working with electrical, which has proved valuable in the field for fountain and aeration installs. Chris loves to fish, and he'll bring that same passion to ensure your pond is a great fishing spot as well.