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Aquaponic Hemp Farming

Enterprise Aquatics uses recirculating aquaculture to generate organic-based nutrients to grow hemp aquaponically. Primarily we use deep water culture (DWC) bucket systems, however we can adapt to use the nutrients in other mediums.

The nutrients generated from our aquaculture systems are concentrated with professional filtration, removed from the fish system entirely, and then processed through mineralization into a clear liquid that can be pH adjusted before delivery to the plant grow system. De-coupling the two systems (plant and fish) remove many of the complicating issues of aquaponics: compromising pH for both systems, balancing the nutrients and ability to grow plants and fish in tandem while keeping both crops healthy, as well as keeping the whole system running predictably through harvest. All of these hurdles are bypassed using de-coupled aquaponics.

We have been able to predictably operate recirculating aquaculture well for over 25 years. Compartmentalizing each side of aquaponics the process provides an avenue to make the whole process predictable, and manageable.

Other areas that Enterprise Aquatics focuses on for ensuring a good crop are: oxygen levels, water testing, and providing a quality feed to ensure fish and plant health.

Why use Aquaponics?

Organic-based nutrients do eliminate some of the expense of growing your crop. Macronutrients and micronutrients are in a biologically available form. Aquaponics is generally considered more sustainable as nutrient solutions are not disposed of regularly as they would be in hydroponics due to accumulation of salts.

With respect to marketing your hemp, there are also benefits. Frankly, the naturally derived nutrient base is desirable to many market segments for a product that will be consumed in one form or another, and there are claims that the flavor profile of organic-based nutrients make a more complex flavor profile with a wider spectrum of terpenes. Individuals pursuing hemp for health, may be more concerned about the way that the hemp was fortified and prefer natural-based nutrients as opposed to chemical salt-based nutrients. The fish part of the equation has a positive connotation in the marketplace as well and the public is genuinely interested in hearing the story and science behind your growing system. Aquaponics is a wonderful opportunity for branding with logos including fish as well.

Please reach out to us for a conversation about how this technology may fit into your farming program. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you! Fill out the form in the link below to get your quote!

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