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Kasco 4400HVFX - Enterprise Aquatics
Kasco 4400HVFX - Enterprise Aquatics
Kasco 4400HVFX - Enterprise Aquatics
Kasco 4400HVFX - Enterprise Aquatics

Kasco 4400HVFX


VFX Series Owners Manual

4400 HVFX Spec Sheet

Monthly Electric Cost Sheet

The 4400HVFX aerating fountain has a high-volume, conical, V-pattern display, that also provides effective and efficient aeration. Kasco’s V-pattern fountains help to improve your water quality and enhance the aesthetics of your pond or lake. Additionally, the large water droplets that are produced, rain down and provide great noise screening. The 4400HVFX is safe, and easy to operate & install (we can assist with installation, feel free to contact us). How? We can install the fountain if you are near the following areas: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Hammond, Alexandria and more. Alternatively, we can coach you over the phone or even do a video call. You can adequately aerate up to ¾ acre with the 4400HVFX fountain. 

Features & Info:
- 2 year warranty
- Power cord options of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 or 400 feet (SJTOW underwater rated)
- 1 horsepower, 240 volts, 5.7 amps (Available in 120 Volt configuration as 4400VFX
- Splendid 8 ft. tall x 26 ft. wide display
- Clog and corrosion resistant, environmentally-friendly fountain design
- Operational in water as shallow as 19 inches (or 49 centimeters)
- Tested for safety: ETL approved for UL & CSA standards
- Large water flow and droplets provide great noise screening
- Compatible with various lighting options for a brighter display
- Includes: motor, fountain assembly, float, mooring lines, bottom screen, and the C-85 power control box-with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for safety, motor circuit with a 24 hour timer, and additional circuit for optional lighting controlled with additional timer, all in a weatherproof and easy-to-mount enclosure.

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