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Hello new internet friend, welcome to the Enterprise Aquatics website! Allow us to explain what our company and website is all about. Enterprise Aquatics llc is the parent company of Louisiana Pond Management and Small Scale Aquaponics (if you don't know what "aquaponics" is, that's totally understandable, neither did some of us till working here, but it truly is quite fascinating when you learn more about it). Anywho, we decided that since there is a lot of overlap in products for the two companies, why not just create one store that could host all of our products to streamline our processes? We're not here just to sell products though, we also want to serve as an informational resource for all of our visitors! An old, wise saying states that you learn something new everyday. We believe that if you browse our site(s) for long enough then you definitely will learn a thing or two, whether that's about problematic vegetation or how aquaponics is used to grow produce, the list goes on. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!

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Steve Shelton on

I have about 1/8 of an acre pond in my yard. I have a small aerator running off a solar panel but looking to install a fountain and run power to my pond. I would like a price and different fountain options for this size pond. I will run the power to pond. Thanks Steve

Ken Rust on

Hello Ronnie, you can reach our office at (225) 308-4145.

Ronnie Smith on

I would like to call and talk to somebody can I get a phone number please

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