Welcome all shoppers from Louisiana Pond Management & Small Scale Aquaponics!

Introducing our New Team Member, Chris Craft!

1. Where are you from?
Baton Rouge, LA currently living in Holden, LA.

2. What is your college background?
Louisiana Technical College

3. What drew your interest to this job/working for this company?
Pond management is very interesting to me. I also really wanted to drive the Weedoo boat!

4. Did you have any related experience that could help you on the job?
My background is in the electrical field which comes in handy when installing and managing fountains.

5. Were you more excited to gain field experience with pond management or aquaponics?
Pond management. Although, I am very interested in both.

6. What are some of your hobbies?
Fishing, tractor work, and spending time with my family.

7. Have you lived anywhere outside of Louisiana?
I have not. I've lived in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Walker and Holden.

8. Favorite movies?
Goodfellas, Cool Hand Luke and Elf.

9. Any other fun facts about yourself or cool stories?
I participate in many bass fishing tournaments.

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